Rodent Rage Reviews

Here are a few reviews of Rodent Rage, my first published game for the iPad.

GGS Gamer:

The sound effects bring the game to life and these are some sweary little rats and people ! This is safely bleeped out which somehow adds to the humour of it. This coupled with the spurting blood and way the characters manage to spread their body parts around do work well together and I did find myself smiling when I managed to get a well placed bomb.

GGS Gamer

Portable Gamer:

Rodent Rage takes physics based puzzle games and slaps on a coat of bloody good times. The humor is entertaining, the gameplay is easy and familiar, and there is just enough to make this game stand out amongst the crowd. Make room for the lab rats, as they deserve your puzzle solving skills to help them lay waste to some sciencey pricks.

Portable Gamer

Touch Gen

Touch Gen mentions the game in their 64th Podcast episode.

Touch Reviews

If you’ve played Angry Birds before you can think of it like that with less cute and more gore!

Touch Reviews

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